Sunday, May 31, 2009


I like to think of my clothes as "transformational": they represent a world where humans can become animals, the wind, where girls can become boys and boys can become girls. A world where one's imagination can be free.I have looked into ways in which people have diverted moral and social conventions, people such as transvestites, shamans, as well as mythological characters. I was fascinated by anything or anyone who is extraordinary. My inspiration has also come from my own drawings of extraordinary animals and people.
Photos: Scott MacSween. Model: Scarlett Tull. Hair&Make-up: Oliver Ward and Blandine Bardeau. Jewellery: Linda Hemmersbach.

The bags... (Photos by Scott MacSween)

My final collection Internal Show, Central Saint Martins

My final Year BA Fashion Womenswear Central Saint Martins, Collection 2009
This is my collection.
Internal show 21/05/09. I also got selected for the Press Show which will take place on tuesday 2/06/09 in York Hall Bethnal Green.